The Big Nest

4 Year old preschoolers


discovering "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

Our Big Nesters are developing greater self-control and inventiveness as they strive to become more self-reliant. Our eight to one child/ teacher ratio gives the four year olds the ability to explore the world safely with vast curiosity, using their imaginations to help them make sense of what they discover. This is the age that children begin to establish the difference between reality and fantasy, and they need lots of hands-on experiences and explorations to help them do this. Our Gentle Earth Curriculum was created to provide the children with the opportunity to explore and experience the natural environment around them.


The first focus of the Gentle Earth Curriculum, for Big Nesters, is to review concepts that can be discovered through exploring water, land, and air. The second focus is to begin learning about how to reduce waste that we produce when we meet our needs, identify items that can be reused, and finally to learn about recycling items. An example of an activity that children will be doing is examining items that they use in their everyday lives and begin to distinguish what each item is made of. They will sort the items into categories, such as fabric, glass, metal, plastic, etc. Our goal for this group is to have them begin to observe and think more deeply about things they see and use each day.


The Big Nest day begins with a morning welcome and independent exploration to ease into the day. The morning follows with Wake Up, Circle time, and Story Time. After a nutritional boost, children participate in Gross Motor Activity and Share Time. The day continues with Structured Academic activities that focus on language and number development, and then Free and Focused Explorations with our Green Studies. Our Big Nesters also explore a “Book of the Week,” with a book celebration including dramatic play at the end of the week. After lunch, students re-energize with a Rest and Quiet Time, then wake up to Story Time, more Independent Exploration and Gross Motor Activity, finishing the day with another nutritional boost and Green Earth outside play.


The Big Nest Program participates in many fun and informative community field trips to local parks, the library, and various local sites. Two times a week, five students are taken on a local library visit to enjoy books. Transportation is provided by the school van and private cars. We encourage parents to join us.


Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. The direct line to the Big Nest House is 858-483-5297.

Big Nest's Daily Schedule


Opening and Good Morning! Morning Play! Independent Exploration (free choice play)



Morning Meeting- Songs / Calendar / Weather / Learning Concepts



Morning Nutrition Boost



Gross Motor Activity



Child-Initiated Discussion and Share



Introduction to instructions: Language Developtment / Number Exploration / Art and Creativity



Green Earth Outside Play / Green Studies



Outside Lunch Time



Rest and Quiet Time



Afternoon Wake Up! Warm Up!



Story Time



Independent Exploration- Learning Centers



Gross Motor Activity



Afternoon Nutrition Boost



Green Earth Outside Play



Independent Exploration- Centers



Inside Nutritional Recharge / Clean Up / Closing Time