The Bluebirds

6 weeks to 12 months old infants

Our Bluebird Infant program provides a nurturing and safe environment to make the first year of life comfortable and engaging for these precious little ones. Routines are designed to focus on meeting each child’s individual needs for care, food, sleep, play and social interactions. The first goal for this program is to nurture trusting relationships and feelings of security and well-being. Our second goal for this age-group is to provide an engaging atmosphere to help stimulate senses and awareness, and encourage safe explorations of their environment as they grow and become more mobile.


Our Bluebird house provides opportunities for our infants to be exposed to music, reading, games, and even sign language. Babies cognitively need various opportunities to explore the world through their senses. So, as our infants mature, we will safely guide them through many sensory experiences to help them see, feel, taste and touch the natural world around them.


Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. The direct line to the Parakeet House is 858-270-5297.

Bluebird's Daily Schedule


Opening and Good Morning Breakfast Time / Independent Play



Circle Time (listening and Talking) / Snack



Outside Exploration (learning from the world)



Creative Activities


Lunch Time



Nap Time / Quiet Time



Outside Exploration (Physical Development)



Independent Play / Snack



Music and Movement






Independent Play / Good - Bye and Pick Up

*Diaper Changing upon every 2 Hours or as needed*

*Feeding upon every 3 Hours or as needed for the various ages*

*Above Schedule varies from ages*