The Canaries

2 Year old preschoolers


exploring "Land"

The young Canaries, who are 24 to 36 months, are developing in so many ways. Our goal for this group of toddlers is to help them develop social skills as well as to grow physically and emotionally, and our eight to one child/teacher ratio allows students to develop independence under watchful, caring eyes. These youngsters are beginning to develop social skills as they play side by side with their peers, and we need to continue to support the children as they learn how to express their needs and feeling.


Learning in a natural environment encourages creative play, which in turn, provides authentic opportunities for children to practice social skills such as helping or cooperating. Our Gentle Earth Curriculum has these youngsters reviewing different concepts with water, but then begins to focus the Green Studies on land. As they learn how to “look down” and observe, they will see that the ground is filled with many things like seeds, plants, and worms. They will begin to understand that these are living things, and that many living things have similar structures and needs. They will also learn that all living things grow and change. Through these observations and explorations, they will learn how to have respect for all life forms on our precious Earth.


Morning activities for the Canaries begin with a Good Morning Welcome and Choice Play, followed by teacher directed Play Centers, and Story Time. After a nutritional boost, the morning continues with academics that focus on language and number development through Circle Time, Group Rotations, and Sharing Time followed by Green Studies. After a busy morning, lunch is followed by Rest Time. The afternoon continues with Independent Exploration and Green Earth outside play. The day ends with Quiet Teacher Directed Activities and a final nutritional boost.


Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. The direct line to the Canary House is 858-272-8797.


Our goal is to provide a safe environment where new skills can be learned and mastered. With our tender guidance we will support each child as they develop a growing sense of self, self-control, and a strong sense of respect for others as well as the world that they live in.

Canaries' Daily Schedule


Opening and Good Morning (Independent Exploration)



Teacher Directed Play with Centers



Circle Time: Songs / Calendar / Weather / Lessons



Art and Creativity / Gross Motor Activity / Language Development / Green Earth Studies Outside Play



Sharing with Friends



Lunch Time-Growing a Healthy Body



Potty Time



Rest and Quiet Time



Wake Up! Potty / Diaper Change



Independent Exploration



Afternoon Nutrition Recharge



Green Earth Outside Play



Quiet Teacher Directed Activities



Inside Nutrition Recharge / Clean Up / Closing Time