Our Families


January 2019


We can’t thank you enough, Baldwin Academy, for the work you’ve done and continue to do. You provide a safe, clean, engaging environment where children are allowed the freedom to play and explore because they are also given support and encouragement. Your patient and kind staff manage to academically stimulate young minds as well as guide social and emotional growth. It is a pleasure to see the children learning about responsibility (especially while tending the school garden and learning the Green Studies curriculum) and learning about curiosity in general, happily asking questions of the teachers and being asked to ponder big questions themselves. You've created an atmosphere of trust and respect which has been instrumental in the children feeling secure to try new things and develop a sense of self.


As an elementary school teacher, I can say I am wholly impressed by the academic experiences you provide. My son learned to read sight words and developed a strong number sense. It was important to me when we enrolled that you value academics as I do. He graduated Baldwin knowing how to function in an educational setting, so important before starting kindergarten. His social development was also important to me and I always felt like you balanced the two extremely well. As a mother, I can say I am grateful for the extracurricular activities you make available. We took part in music, dance, Spanish, soccer, and gym bus and our son is much the better for every experience he had. The stability of the morning schedule along with the unstructured afternoon free-play time is a perfect mix.


We appreciate the close-knit community across the school as a whole; we like that all of the teachers make a point to know all of the children on site and that they continue to interact with former students. It most certainly fosters a sense of community and belonging. Each room is a loving, inviting space and we were greeted by smiles every morning. He continues to talk about the field trips he took with Ms. Amy during the special summer camp weeks in Big Nest. He loves to point out places they went around town and talk about what they did; we love that he feels Pacific Beach is “his” because of those special Baldwin experiences.


I’m thrilled to report that our son started kindergarten this year feeling excited about school and confident about his abilities. After years of positive interactions with both adults and peers at Baldwin, he left feeling part of a “family” which gave him a wonderful platform for beginning this new endeavor. It gave us a wonderful platform too — we connected with many other Baldwin families thanks to the whole-school events and performances you host. It has meant a lot to have a circle of friends we continue to see whose children are the same age as ours. The friendships our son continues to have with his Baldwin classmates are invaluable. And on our end, its been spectacularly helpful to have a network of support from other parents who are going through similar stages and changes with their children too.


Baldwin Academy addressed all of our child’s developmental needs and indeed we are lucky that we chose to enroll our son. You impacted his life in the most positive ways and bettered ours in the process as well. We always felt welcomed and valued and secure knowing that our son was being left in responsible, capable hands. What an incredible 5 years it was! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.



Mike and Karen Donovan

I just want to let you know that we are very happy with everything. The school is looking great with all of the improvements. Simone lets us know when she sees anything new or changed. She is really enjoying the garden (yes, we will have to do a garden at home this year) and the Parrots teepee.


We were at a gathering over the weekend with most of the families in the Parrots room. We are so happy with Miss Amy and the program. I am truly amazed by what Simone is learning and retaining. We can't go anywhere without her picking up trash to protect the environment. She is reading and writing more than we thought she was capable of doing at this age. We have a steady recycle pile going to paper that she is practicing on. It's wonderful.


Quinn is doing great in the Canary room. Angela and her team are wonderful. She keeps me updated on Quinn's progress. She is following her sisters steps and will be potty trained really early (thanks to her older friends setting a great example). She has great social skills and her vocabulary has really increased since she has moved (to be expected). Quinn is developing a good little group of friends. It's really cute.


It's nice to have Darla back. She really is a great asset for the school.


Sorry to go on and on but I want to express how happy we are.

Anna Luciano I attended Baldwin Academy as a young child and honestly believe that many of my happiest, clearest and best childhood memories happened at Baldwin. In The Big Nest Program as a four-year-old, I met life-long friends, including two of my very best girlfriends who continue to be among my closest friends today! When it came time to choose a school for my own child, there was no doubt I wanted my daughter to have that same wonderful experience. She attends the Robins Program for three-year-olds and looks forward to each day of school with excitement and wonder. I know that she is in the very best hands and will gain life skills and begin to create many wonderful memories of her own.

Tony and Lisa Emerson We feel very lucky that our family is a part of the Baldwin Academy Community. The teachers are outstanding, and the small class size gives them an opportunity to really get to know each child individually. Baldwin Academy is an incredible school that provides both a challenging and a nurturing environment for our four-year-old daughter. Among many other things, our child has learned that it is important to have a voice and is comfortable being heard by both peers and adults. I feel strongly that The Baldwin Method has given our daughter a jump start to achieve a successful education and an exceedingly bright future. We feel so fortunate to be a part of this caring, wonderful community that allows our child to excel.

Dawn Kronewitter Our family loves Baldwin Academy. I remember the feeling I had when we brought our son to your school for the first time. I was so relieved to know he was at the cleanest, safest, and most educational environment we found in our search for preschools. The Baldwin Method is wonderful and has truly helped us raising our children at their young age. The field trips are amazing, teaching the children real life skills. Teachers and staff are superb. I can’t say enough about this school.