Our Programs

At Baldwin Academy, all of our Programs are committed to the care and development of The Whole Child and dedicate each day to the cognitive, social, emotional, physical and educational growth that takes place in the early years of each child’s life. Our Gentle Earth Curriculum is a collection of hands-on activities that provides children with the opportunity to explore nature and develop a better understanding and appreciation for the Earth. This Green Study focus combined with our structured academics provides age-appropriate programs designed for the positive immersion into the educational arena as well as a path to successful citizenship in the future.


With a solid belief that children who develop good social and emotional skills not only excel in academics, but also become essential contributors in their communities, we work closely with families to aid children in forming a love and respect for learning and for the world in which they live. We are honored to provide an environment, educational program and staff that nurture, as well as, promote the optimal development of each child during their progression from dependency to increased autonomy during their formative years.