Our Staff

Our staff is a diverse group of qualified individuals who have a shared interest in early childhood education and remarkable love for children. Accredited by California State Licensing, all of our employees have completed CPR certification and received fingerprint clearances. Furthermore, each Baldwin Academy team member has been personally selected and trained in order to meet our academy's standards.



Our staff consists of kind, caring professional adults who are mindful of the specific physiological, academic and social growth of each child. Our academy prides itself on employing a combination of outstanding, long-term, dedicated individuals with eager, enthusiastic, new team members.

Mr. Herbert as he is affectionately known to the children, came to Baldwin Academy in 2007 and has been keeping pace with the busy childcare industry ever since. A native of Colombia, Mr. Herbert credits his family for his affinity for education. Raised amongst professors, deans, classrooms and syllabus, he inherited a passion for academics, and only finds himself at peace while working on new projects that constructively impact the community.

As President, and member of the board of a prestigious University in his native country, he collaborates jointly with his board in guiding the academic activities of college students. Through this experience he observes a very clear correlation between a solid early education, good habit formation and the professional performance of the individual.

Amongst his most treasured qualities found in all individuals are his/her ethical stands, responsibility and his/her use of common sense. As a Family Man, Mr. Herbert enjoys spending evenings around the dinner table with his wife Dana, and his two boys, Sebastian and Gabriel or working around his farm with his many animals and his orchard on the weekends. He finds gratitude in providing a school that truly addresses the needs of modern communities, the families that structure them and those of its children.

Miss Darla, our director, very calmly and confidently keeps Baldwin Academy organized and running smoothly each day. She is a graduate of Mount San Antonio College and has worked at Baldwin Academy since 2008. She worked as a preschool teacher for ten years, and when she first came to Baldwin, she worked as teacher for the Canaries. Mr. Herbert recognized her strong leadership and managerial skills and offered her a position on the administrative staff. Her love for children helps to keep the Academy focused on what is truly important for each youngster’s physical, social, emotional, and academic growth. Her cheery disposition brings a sense of happiness and wellbeing to our campus. She is excited and delighted to be working with the children and families of Baldwin Academy.

Miss Linda, is our lovely Assistant Director. She has been working with young children for many years and finds there is always something new to learn in every educational situation. She is fascinated with the unique program Baldwin provides for its children and families. You can count on Linda to assist you for every need that comes your way. Always with a happy smile to show the love to all the children everyday!


Miss Jessica, starts her day in the Bluebirds program greeting each baby with a warm smile! She balances her busy time amoungst all the needs of each individual baby while still finding time to create some messy art projects with the older infants! It's evident Jessica has a passion for teaching along with nurturing the developmental milestones for those little ones.

Miss Linsey, smiles each day as she welcomes the very little ones into the Bluebird house. She loves their hugs and smiles. Her creative fun energy brings something new each day to the Babies knowing that she can make a difference in every child's life. Linsey is committed to the development and emotional care for each individual baby.

Miss Pilar, offers a great sense of stability to our infant program. The day-to-day effectiveness of her presence is assured by her attention to detail in the daily routine of each and every child. Her tenure of nearly twenty years with Our Academy combined with her vast experience in working with Our Infant Program is not to be out-shined by her being an active mother of three! This resume’ in and of itself, ensures confidence that each of the children she welcomes to The Bluebird Program will be expertly cared for, nurtured and helped to develop magnificently.

Miss Ana, energetically begins each day as the lead teacher in the Parakeets Program, encouraging a love of learning and curiosity about the world for all the children in her care. She is patient, helpful, and a top of the class teacher who loves to feed creative ideals to all the children in the classroom. Watching the children gain new concepts makes each day joyous and fulfilling for this caring teacher.

Miss Christa, begins each morning at Baldwin in the comfortable world of our Parakeets. Interacting with toddlers as they enjoy, toys, songs, and books, she is confident and calm, ready to navigate the day as the children learn, sing and play! Miss Christa playfully, shares songs and animated movements, and is happy to see the little smiles inspired by the surprise of an imagined Crocodile! Miss Christa and her positive outlook and fun loving personality are certainly a match for our Parakeets team and their energetic approach to education!

Miss Natalie, sweetly interacts with the one-year-old children, gently attending to their needs with an ever present smile and soothing personality. Happy to shower the little ones with love and always ready to spend the day reading, singing and playing, her sincerity and genuine interest in Our Parakeets is prevalent throughout her day. Loving each expression, all of the antics and the fun, with Miss Natalie on board, the giggles and the grins are sure to be in store for everyone!

Miss Morgan, brings great energy and enthusiasm to every program at Baldwin Academy. She finds learning and playing together with the children truly rewarding. With her friendliness, a great multitasker and always willing to assist, keeps her busy bouncing in and out of the classrooms.

Miss Caitlin, as our team leader she truly enjoys being a part of the lives of the children at Baldwin Academy. With a friendly smile and kindhearted composure, she is caring and ready for a fun filled day that involves lots of play in the Canaries Program. This program takes high energy, therefore Miss Caitlin is thrilled to be able to watch children grow and meet different important milestones in their early years.

Miss Marquita, enters the Canaries House each day eager to work with the fabulous two-year olds. Observing their every move on the go, she likes to know each child is expressive and developing a strong sense of self along with discovering the world around them. Her positive teaching disposition can maneuver those busy Canaries into a fun structured learning time.

Miss Laura, motivates the children in the Canaries House each day to explore the world around them. In turn, she finds herself motivated by watching their joy as they discover and learn new things. You will always hear Miss Laura's adorable laugh when playing outside with the children or just taking the time to cuddle with a child. She enjoys working with the children and is ready and willing to be a helper to all.

Miss Edith, motivated by her love of the Canary children, excels at keeping the two-year-old program running smoothly, taking extra care to see to it that everything is neat, clean and well organized for the busy birds. Her contributions to the program are innumerable and our gratitude immense, whether assisting teachers, attending to program tasks, or tidying up after lunch and she is most helpful anywhere needed.

Miss Cynthia, thoughtfully and quietly approaches her students in the Robins Program, looking forward to encouraging them throughout the day. Happy to be the team leader of the three-year old team, she warmly enbraces her teaching responsibilities with zeal and enthusiasm, cheer-leading our Robins into a great day of education, age-appropriate activites and fun times. This is a patient teacher whose favorite part of working with children is that she learns right alongside them.

Miss Kim, starts her in the wondrous world of the three-year old's which is our Robins program. Within a structured setting environment Ms Kim exposes the children to a wealth of stimulating activities. She is our teacher with a passionate heart for the wellbeing of all children. You always see her with a positive attitude!

Miss Karen, sweetly interacts in the Robins program, gently attending to their needs with an ever present beam and soothing personality. Happy to shower the children with love, and always ready to spend the day reading, singing and teaching, her sincerity and genuine interest in helping our three-year olds is prevalant in everyway.

Miss Amy, brings sunshine to our Big Nest House, as she happily greets her students each day. Reliable and consistent, she can be counted on for cheerfulness and optimism as she teaches with the positive assurance that each day is a great day when you make it that way! With our unique program and the ability to utilize the community in her teaching, she makes the most of each outing and neighborhood experience. Knowing that our evolving little learners are getting ready to flutter their pre-school wings and eventually land in the grade school world, she helps cultivate their character, independent thinking, creativity and resourcefulness, as well as a number of other necessities, that will make our graduates successful and Our Baldwin Academy Family Proud!

Miss Krissy, works side by side with Ms. Amy in the Big Nest Program, assisting with these busy four-year olds, displaying patience and love. With a friendly smile and kindhearted composure, she is caring, and ready for a fun filled day that involves lots of play and learning! You will find her dedicated to the children's art projects.

Mr. Charles, eagerly welcomes the Big Nesters as they begin each day. He finds learning and playing together with the children truly rewarding. A dedicated teacher assistant, makes friendliness contagious, constantly sharing his warm smile and easy nature with our parents, children and his fellow Baldwin Employess.