The Parakeets

1 Year old infants


exploring "Water"

The Parakeet Nest provides our 12 to 24 month old children with a safe, caring environment that supports a journey from infancy into toddlerhood. Children develop increasing skills as they move through this ever expanding world of wonders, and it is our goal to create a safe and engaging environment for them to explore.


Young children develop cognitive skills through using their senses and the natural world provides bountiful opportunities for sensory explorations. One main focus of our Gentle Earth Curriculum for this age is free outdoor and indoor play where children can manipulate natural materials helping them to learn about the physical world in which they live. Another focus for this young age group is learning about the important element, water. Open and focused explorations will help our Parakeets begin to observe and understand various natural concepts such as buoyancy, flow, and different states of matter.


The Parakeet’s day, while structured, is nevertheless reasonably flexible. These little ones are still adjusting to the idea of schedules. Our four to one child/teacher ratio allows the children to work and play in small groups always with the caring and protective eyes of a guiding adult. The morning opens with an independent exploration, and then after a nutritional boost, children participate in small groups as they partake in gross motor activities, arts and crafts, Green Earth outside play, and circle and story time which provide activities that involve language and number development. The morning ends with a focused exploration through Green Studies. After a healthy lunch, the children rest and return to more Green Earth outdoor play.


Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. The direct line to the Parakeet House is 858-270-5297.


This is an important year of life in which children begin to develop independence, learn to enjoy being with others, and learn to enjoy exploring the world.

Parakeet's Daily Schedule


Opening and Good Morning! Morning Play!

Independent Exploration (free choice play)



Circle Time / Morning Nutrition Boost



Green Studies Outside Play / Gross Motor Activite



Art and Creative Play



Story Time / Diaper Change



Growing a Healthy Body - Lunch Time



Rest and Quiet Time



Teachers Directed Lesson / Diaper Change



Afternoon Nutrition Recharge



Diaper Change



Independent Exploration



Fly to Canaries Program


*Diaper Changing upon every 2 Hours or as needed*



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