The Robins

3 Year old preschoolers


exploring "Air"

Our three year old Robins are developing greater language facility and learning how to enjoy friendships. Our goal is to encourage new social skills in an environment that encourages safe social exploration. This age is especially curious about nature and they love to explore, so we strive to constantly create environments that encourage the joy and wonder of discovery. Open and focused nature explorations fill the day alongside a more focused academic program.


The Gentle Earth Curriculum provides a review of concepts relating to water and land, and then focuses Green Studies on understanding air and things that rely on air, such as breathing, bubbles, and wind. Robins also go on local walks around the community observing nature in the neighborhood, as well as visiting community parks and local businesses. We encourage parents to join us on these excursions.


The Robins’ day begins with a welcome gathering and then, independent exploration. A teacher directed lesson is followed by a healthy snack break. Green Studies and outside play or arts and crafts continue with a story time and sharing before lunch. Please remember that every child has their own special share day, so please make sure that your child is ready to participate on their day. Rest, quiet time, and more open explorations fill the afternoon.


Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. The direct line to the Robin House is (858) 272-9704. The Robin House opens at 7:45 and closes at 5:30, so if you drop your child off earlier than 7:45, or pick your child up later than 5:30, you will find your child at the Big Nest House. The phone number for this house is (858) 483-5628


A three year old is moving towards greater independence and social awareness, so our goal is to provide a safe and patient environment that encourages confidence as they explore and understand the world in which they live.

Robin's Daily Schedule


Opening and Good Morning! Morning Play!

Independent Exploration (free choice play)



Teacher Directed Lesson - Songs / Calendar / Gross Motor Activity



Morning Nutrition Boost



Art and Creativity / Green Earth Outside Play



Introduction to instructions: Language Studies / Learning Concepts / Number Exploration



Story Time- Sharing



Outside Lunch Time



Rest and Quiet Time



Wake Up! Wake Up!



Afternoon Nutrition Boost



Green Earth Outside Play



Daily Review



Independent Exploration



Fly Down to Big Nest Program